Thursday, August 12, 2010

Emma's Thursday Throwback #9 !!!!!!!!!

Hello my beautiful followers and viewers!!!! I missed Emma's TT soooo much!!!!

I am so excited that I have internet access again!!! YEY!!

Before I go on to share my entry for Emma's TT I have to thank all the beautiful comments that were left on my previous post. You have no idea how it has made me calmer and believe it or not... a lot less sad!!!!!

Don't forget to visit that post to enter for a little giveaway!!!

Onto Emma's TT challenge!!!

As all you know, I moved up north about 40 minutes from Sacramento. It is a little city called Plumas Lake. Today my two older boys had their orientation at their school. Culture shock here we come!!!!!! We are so used to the regular 85% Latino community back in So Cal. Well, here, we are about 10%!!! LOL It is a really nice school, very (VERY)small!!! again, another shock!! In So Cal we are SUPER over-crowded..... here in our middle school..... we have empty classrooms!!!!!!

Anyways, with the new changes in our lives I wanted to make a card for my boys and remind them to stay true to themselves and be who they are. They do not have to change to fit into a new school.... they just have to be themselves..... So here is my card...
I hope you like what you see and again thank you for your beautiful comments!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I missed my blogging world sooooo much!!!!!!! and a little GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Hello my dear followers!!!!!!!! I have missed this world of ours so much..... really!!! You have no idea!!!! I am actually still internet-less at home! I am blogging from Chick-Fill-A. I have moved up north. I have a mix of emotions. While I am loving the beautiful community and much bigger home! I can't help but still feel sad that I do not have my parents, grandmothers, brother, sisters, aunts, uncles and my friends close to me!!!! :'( I am very close to my family.... and when I say close... well, I mean CLOSE...

I don't know how long I will be staying up here... I was thinking 1-2 years and just the other day my hubby mentioned it might be more than that!!!

Anyways, I will focus on the positive, right?? I have Scrapbook Expo in November close to me!!! YEY!! My DH has already said he will take the kids all day!!!

In the meantime I will share with you a project I did a few weeks back.

I found this beautiful project at a little scrapbook store in Azuza, CA. It did not have a specific name for this but I will call it the "Carousel Project"!! I really love it!!! I made another one for ScrapTiffany using Basic Grey Paper!! You can see that project here!!!

And just to thank all my followers for being patient with me, I have a giveaway!! I forgot to take a picture of it... it is a kit to make 4 layouts for a wedding!!! It is really cute!!! As soon as I have access I will upload a picture!!!

All you have to do is leave a comment under this post and tell me.... well, anything!

I will choose a winner next Monday!!!