Saturday, May 29, 2010

No claim on giveaway!

Hello... good morning!! My dear followers! I am sad to announce that wwill did not claim her price, so I am giving this one more try! So here it goes......... drum roll please.......

The winner of the ten handmade cards is:


Please email ( with you information. Don't forget to tell me what occasions you want for 5 of the cards! Please email me by Monday.... if I don't hear from you I will give it one more shot!

On another note, I received Joy's stamps and I am ready to start creating!!! Hope you like what's coming!!!!

Have a great weekend!


gabyangel said...

3:51 am ??? what were you doning up this late? or should I say, this early?? LOL
Can it be that you were creating a Cricut cake with you BFF??? LOL

Joy said...

Congrats LADYBUG1376!
Woo hoo! I know I'm so excited to see what you make Abby! I know it will be great, like you! ;)

Abby said...

Thanks Joy! I just got them yesterday and I am on a roll!!!