Saturday, June 26, 2010

Emma's Thursday Throwback!!

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On to Emma's challenge!! I have to say I love Emma's challenges!!! Everything about them is fun!!!!! So, this time she challenged us to create a layout!! Well, I started as a scrapbook fanatic and I have abandoned it due to my new love for card-making!!! I was struggling on what to create and in a sudden burst of creativity this came to mind!
Can you tell I still need some photography classes?!?!?!?!
It's a 2 page layout dedicated to my boys! In case you don't know I have three boys and my little girl. It seems like whenever I do do a layout it's about Abby..... so this time it was my boys turn!!

Hope you like what you see!!!


Cricut Me That said...

Fun layout!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)


Hi Abby!!!!
really, really nice LO,
I love your work...


808Creator said...

Awesome layout!!!

Visit me and follow along at

Happy Crafting!!



Kich724 said...

Aww, I love this layout, soo cute and colorful! You have to show me how to do it :)

gabyangel said...

Nice comadrita!! I like how you used the buzon and the letter to give/send them a message, very creative!!!!!!! I like the paper you used... so were is the recipe!??? hello!!!! (is Armando your boy too!!!! j/k!!! LOL)

gabyangel said...

Ok, so what are you doing to your pictures that I cannot enlarge?

Best Hobby Eva said...

I love, love this!! You did an amazing job!!!

My Creative Time said...

OMG!! I JUST LOVE YOUR layout!! You did such an AWESOME job my friend!! It is ALWAYS SOOO GREAT to see you participating in my challenges!! Thanks again!
Big Gypsy Hugs,

DORCAS said...

WOW!! I love this layout! Amazing! Thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...
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