Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Playing with Serenade Week 6

Hello my dear Serenade followers! This is the the 6th round of Playing with Serenade!!! and I have to confess.... not my favorite image!! LOL A don't like these birds, other than their pretty color.... they are stinky, not cute, and well..... when I go to the zoo... they just stand there! LOL Sorry, am I being a bit to honest?

But, I had a really neat idea to do something with the flamingo.... but my Friducha(my Imagine) did not cooperate! I had planned on doing a LO with little Mermaid and the flamingos on the background.... anyways... Here is my card.... i'm not happy with it....

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Gaby ~ Scrapabookaholic said...

It is not that bad comadrita! and yes you are a bit too honest!! lol
I like your water technique and the gloss/glitter you added to the flamingo!

Helen said...

LOL--I love your honesty! Next week I have a stand--huh?! But I'll just have to add something to it!

Your card is very pretty--love the colors.

flowerdisco said...

I like flamingos...and yes..they just stand there. I think that is why the use them on lawns as statues, lol. But, other than that I do like how odd they look. A bit strange here...yeah! out of the norm box, hehehe

Your card is not that bad amiga, like your comadrita says. It is not your norm either but it is pretty.

abrazos and your layout above is very nice.

I just don't know where you find the are everywhere girlfriend. :)

Ohhh Snap said...

I love this card lol. Is that stickles I see? It was a difficult week for me too. I just didnt know what I was going to do. TFS!

Sharon said...

I think it turned out really cute! :)

TR said...

Not every card is phenomenal (to the maker)
but to the VIEWER it is just wonderful! Flamingos
are always fun. They are so comical.

((HUGS)) don't be so hard on yourself.