Friday, November 19, 2010

Family Friday Thankful Project!

Got confused with my dates!!! Here is the Family Friday Project from last week!!! Go to Crazy About Cricut for this week's theme!
Hello friends! Today is challenge time for Family Friday!!! So, gather the family and ask the kids what they are thankful for... this could be a fun night!!! Bring out some things to do cards and have them draw, write, color... anything that shows what they are thankful for.

I asked my son, Adrian, what he was thankful for, and he said he was thankful for his daddy! So, I got out somethings for him to do a card for daddy. 

This week he used the technique he learned last time (inking) and he also tried for the first time stamping!! oh and  using the iRock! He loved it!

Didn't he do GOOD!!! I think so!!! He loves it!!! 

I have to get my other kids to do something!! 

Make sure you go visit the other DT projects over at Crazy About Cricut!!!

3 comments: said...

He did great!!!!!!!

Katie said...

what a cute idea! Adrian did a great job.

Sharon said...

He did a fantastic job! :)