Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jaded Blossom Sneak Peek No 4!

Goooooddddd morningggggg!!! Last day of sneak peeks!!!! SOOOO super excited with this stamp release, well, actually I always get like this whenever Jaded Blossom has a release! Michelle and Candace are just awesome at creating the most creative and fun stamps!!

Today Jaded Blossom is featuring Turkey Poop and Happy Owl-oween!

I used Turkey Poop to create a simple treat bag!

Isn't this little turkey poop poem cute!!?? 

I also used 3x4 Clear Plastic Bags that can be found over at Jaded Blossom store!!

Cardstock paper is Paper Trey Ink and patterned paper is Simple Stories.

Tomorrow Jaded Blossom's new release goes on sale!!! and to kick it off we have a HOP!!

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment! I LOVE to read them!!!


Kate said...

Adorable, love how you make a tiny little bow using the tulle.

Sherry said...

I'm with Kate, I love the little bow. I'm a major fan of any kind of goodie bag, even if it is turkey poop. LOL

Gaylynn said...

Super fun stamp. Love what you did with it.

Kim Ricketts said...

You are your adorable little bows!! Super cute treat today!

Kim :)

Ana (Anrilla) said...

Hi, I like this bag!

antdoda said...

I love this little treat bag!! Your bows are awesome!!!

Rosie said...

super cute treat bag, love your bow

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