Saturday, October 30, 2010

Market Street a la Mexicana Series! Week #1

Hello friends! I have a new love!!! I can say it without being afraid!!! I love these new stamps more than my Peachy Keen ones!!! Yes!! It does not mean, in any way, that I don't adore my PKS, but... Angelica, the Peachy Queen's daughter has a new line of stamps and one of the collections is my new favorite!

This is the BFFs collection! My new true love! Ok... I know I am exagerating a little... but, I am a Mexican American and I am a Spanish Literature teacher and well, honestly, there aren't many Latino/bilingual stamps out there... well, any that are as cute as these! 

To celebrate Market Street Stamps new bilingual collection, I am doing this series! 
I have created cards using these stamps with Mexican Sayings/Dichos Mexicanos. The sayings I will be using are very popular in Mexico and might be also used in other Spanish speaking countries. I hope with this series inspire many others to use other languages they know in their scrapping.
Hey! You might learn some Spanish along the way!! The cards have the sayings/sentiments in Spanish but I will translate them for you!

So, onto my first card!


¡Estás como los frijoles, al primer hervor se arrugan!
(You are like beans, at their first boil they shrivel!)

Now, you might be thinking a few things... like: What the heck!! LOL 
This card would be appropriate for someone who is afraid of something (new school, new job) and it might be a little cruel... but I love it!!!

You will also learn a little Spanish grammar along the way :) First Spanish grammar lesson:
            ***when using an exclamation mark in a sentence, you have to put one 
                 upside-down at the beggining of the sentence in Spanish. 

I will do this series for at least 6 weeks and at the end I will give away the set of cards to one person who has left a comment on all posts.

Thanks for taking a peek I hope you enjoy them!!!

Before I forget!! If you really like these stamps click HERE to purchase them and if you want a chance to win a set of the BFFs set don't forget to come to the Dia de los Muertos Blog Hop this November 1st and 2nd!!! Look at the line up to the right!!! It will start right here!!!


creative patti said...

Me da mucho gusto!! I love spanish and as a Latina women I am really going to enjoy This series. Thank you so much for not being afraid to show off our wonderful and beautiful language. Super cute card, Now this would be a Prize!!!

Brenda said...

Very cute. I took spanish in high school, but since have forgotten most of it. This will be a great refresher course. LOL

Burffrau @ aol dot com

Erika Valdez said...

I love your card and these stamps!! I love that they are bilingual, there should be more out there like it!! Me gusta muncho,TFS


Linda Kaiser said...

These are so cute. Love your card and wish I could remember my high school spanish classes. Linda K

Sharon said...

I love this card!! So so cute!!! :)

Berenice R. said...

Super cute card! Thanks for sharing :) said...

I love love your design and the saying you chose is not cruel at all, I had not commented because I was thinking it was too funny... it looses it's meaning in the translation... and you know me, I am so very proud of my Mexican heritage, so I am so happy that Angelica came out with this stamps, kind of "why didn't I think of that?" ... Oh wait, yes, you and I have talked about it, but not acted on it! HELLO!!!

I love that you are going to be doing these series.

I love how you did her eyelashes (both)
Great job comadrita!! Can't wait for the next one!

Michelle said...

very cute card!!! She did do a great job with her new stamps !!

CyndiU said...

I am totally in love with these stamps Will have to let my son know that THIS IS what I want for Christmas. lol

Thanks for introducing them to us.

teachU14 said...

I love your card and these stamps. I've gotta get a set :)

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Me encanta tu tarjeta!!!I just got my set and I can't wait to use them!!! I too love that these stamps are bilingual. TFS:) adios chica

Anonymous said...

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